Trio KlangVers

Trio KlangVers

Play Readings with Music


Angelia Marcard play

Heike Vroom-Lescow play

Ricarda Streckel flute


Direction: Beate Krützkamp (lecturer at Michael Tschechow Studio, Berlin and at University of the Arts, Berlin)

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Current Readings


Busch und Co.

Poems by Wilhelm Busch, Johann Wolfgang v. Goethe, Erich Kästner, Joachim Ringelnatz and Eugen Roth.


Katz und Spatz...

...oder: ein schwerverliebter Kakadu

Poems by Josef Guggenmos, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Rainer Maria Rilke, Mascha Kaléko et al.

Music by Frédéric Chopin, Ernesto Köhler, Marin Marais, Louis Drouet and other composers.



Unmögliche Tatsachen

Poems by Christian Morgenstern and music by Johann Georg Wunderlich, Georg Abraham Schneider, Franz Schubert and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Ich denk nicht gern an jenen Kuss...

Poems, songs and autobiographical texts by Heinz Erhardt.

Flute music: classical and romantic solos