Ricarda Streckel is a classical flutist from Bremen, Germany. Essentially she performs chamber music and participates in intercultural projects combining music, arts, drama or literature.

She also works as a flute teacher with students of any age.

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Current projects / concerts / collaborations / sponsoring


Chamber music:

Projects with the cellist Lisa Malinski (Hamburg) and the Lithuanian pianist Simona Čelkienė (Bremen) as Project Room 443

  • Duoderich (flute and cello)
  • Duo Flute-Piano or Flute-Organ (especially for the congregation St. Marien, Bremen)
  • Trio Flute-Cello-Piano

Duo Darial (flute and harp) with harpist Linda Frank from Hannover, sponsored by Freunde junger Musiker Bremen e.V. in 2018


Further Projects:

  • Intercultural Project: Trio KlangVers – Play readings with music
  • Band project Deeside Garden: Pop-Jazz-Traditional



  • Tours in Germany and Europe (Italy, Latvia, Great Britain, Austria, Switzerland)
  • annual guest at Worpsweder Orgelmusik since 2014 with Susanne Meier and Ulrike Dehning
  • unsalaried commitment for the project Winterkirche, congregation Unser Lieben Frauen, Bremen
  • play readings and literary concerts (e.g. for Bremer Heimstiftung, DRK, AWO, DKV-Seniorenresidenzen, Buchhandlung Froben Ottersberg, Ralf Besser Stiftung für Lebenswerte, Eschels Hoff, Haus Paula Becker e.V. et al.)
  • Flötensalon: musicales for solo flute or with guests
  • Upcoming concerts and events can be found here.



Dedicated composition Duo Dolce for two flutes by composer Hans Peter Türk


Educational work

  • Flute lessons for Flutes and Percussion, Weyhe
  • Music lessons in the greater aera of Bremen
  • 2011-2012 Tutorial Flute for Saxophonists at Hochschule für Künste, Bremen
  • Concerts by her flute students with focus on different topics and genres
  • Coaching (for instance of the orchestra of the Bremen Univertity)
  • Workshops for competition participants


Academic studies

2009-2015 HfK Bremen (University of the arts):

  • principal subject flute: Susanne Meier
  • piano accompaniment: Liga Skride
  • piano (mino subject): Jewgenij Kolmanovitsch
  • 2011-2012 additional studies (jazz flute): Prof. Martin Classen
  • 2013-2014 orchestra course: Bettina Wild

2008-2009 improvisation / jazz flute: Ansgar Elsner

2006-2009 piano, esp. jazz piano: Sebastian Altekamp

1998-2008 flute: Wolfgang Meschendörfer; several first prizes in competitions as Jugend Musiziert


Courses, Masterclasses, Advanced Training

Peter-Lukas Graf

Mihaela Goldfeld (Orchestra course)

Bärbel Danek (Chamber music)

Beate Krützkamp (Chorally Speech: John Cage, Samuel Beckett, Nora Gomringer, Francois Villon)